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Modern antibiotics have been successfully used to save the lives of countless patients and have contributed to keeping infectious diseases at bay for decades; however, nearly 1 million people die each year as a result of antimicrobial resistant (AMR) superbugs. While AMR is a well-recognized and growing threat, there are very few new antibiotics in clinical development to address this unmet medical need, which has the potential to result in substantial public health and economic costs.


Aridis is discovering and developing highly differentiated drug candidates to prevent and treat life-threatening infectious diseases that overcome the threat of AMR and viral pandemic, with both therapeutic monoclonal antibodies and novel anti-infectives designed to expand the current standards of care.

The company’s proprietary technology platforms, ⅄PEX and MabIgX®, can rapidly identify human-derived monoclonal antibodies for various infectious diseases and apply them in a brand-new way as therapeutic agents that optimally neutralize invading pathogens.


Aridis is led by a world-class team of senior executives, scientists, and industry professionals with extensive experience developing anti-infective immunotherapies for patients with serious respiratory infections. With its strong IP portfolio, experienced board of directors, and scientific advisory board, Aridis is well-positioned to shift the paradigm in infectious disease by redefining the standard of care for how patients with respiratory conditions are managed.


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