Message from the CEO on COVID-19


“We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and have recently instituted a number of measures to protect the safety and well-being of the patients involved in our AR-301 and AR-501 clinical programs, as well as our employees. We are working with our contract research organizations to support physicians and hospitals in devoting their resources to treating COVID-19 patients and avoid exposing study volunteers to unnecessary risk. This pandemic is creating a worldwide shortage in mechanical ventilators that are needed to support infected patients. As our global Phase 3 clinical study is on ventilator associated pneumonia patients, we are working diligently to evaluate the pandemic and expect to provide guidance of COVID-19’s impact on our on-going and planned clinical studies.


Separately, I am pleased to announce that our research staff have been hard at work to leverage our scientific strength and ingenuity to develop differentiated, effective therapeutic and prophylactic solutions to curtailing the deadly impact of COVID-19, and hope to announce our preliminary results in due course.”